What are the technologies and innovations that are going to deliver enhanced viewing experiences to consumers? How do we ensure a personalised experience on all devices at all times for all users? If the next wave of change will be powered by AI, how do we ensure it is a democratising force and not one that will create echo chambers and vacuums? And what can we learn from adjacent sectors like gaming when it comes to creating and curating immersive viewing experiences? Watch our expert Next-Gen Media panel discuss all of this and more in this recorded session from Waves of Change 2021.



Simon Gauntlett, Director, Imaging Standards and Technology, Dolby Laboratories

Dr Lauren Ward, Research Fellow in Media Accessibility, University of York AudioLab

Andy Lucas, SVP, Global Distribution Technology, Universal Pictures 

Dr Mickaël Raulet, Chief Technology Officer, Ateme

Paul Higgs, VP Video Industry Development, Huawei

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