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Dan Snow

Dan is one of the UK’s best-known television presenters and the creative force behind History Hit TV, a video-on-demand history channel which builds on the success of the UK’s most successful history podcast, Dan Snow’s History Hit.

Dan’s TV career began in 2002 when he co-presented the BBC’s 60th anniversary special on the Battles of El Alamein with his father, veteran broadcaster Peter Snow. Dan and Peter then went on to present the BAFTA-winning Battlefield Britain. Dan has since written several history books and has presented numerous history series and special events for the BBC. He is a regular face on BBC One’s The One Show.

Dan is on a mission to reinvent how history is told in the digital age through video, podcasts, online articles and more. He travels the length and breadth of the country to keep up with the cutting edge of history, talking to experts, historians, and the people who were actually there.