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Shahina O’Mahoney

Shahina O’Mahoney is head of licensed content at Amazon Freevee UK, overseeing all content strategy and acquisitions for British territories of Amazon’s premium free streaming service.

O’Mahoney has been with Amazon for more than 10 years, and has previously served as Prime Video territory expansion content strategy lead for the Nordics and Turkey (2019-20), on a sabbatical in the fashion sustainability team (2019), as Prime Video global kids lead (2016-18), and as content acquisitions lead in the UK (2011-15). O’Mahoney was one of the founding Prime Video team members.

Before joining Amazon, O’Mahoney spent two years at the British telecommunications company Vodafone, where she oversaw content acquisition for European mobile and IPTV devices. Prior to Vodafone, she worked as digital content consultant for linear and VOD platforms BT Vision and TalkTalk (formerly Homechoice), managing content negotiations and strategy, led programming teams for cable networks Virgin Media (formerly NTL) and Cable & Wireless, and was one of the founding launch team members for Disney Channels in Europe.

O’Mahoney graduated from the University of Plymouth with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing and Informatics. She has two children and is based in London.