ON DEMAND: International Keynote - Ripples and Revolutions

The broadcast sector is at a strategic inflection point and requires radical thinking and agile approaches for incumbents to survive and thrive. So argued Media Platform Architect John Simmons in the International Keynote: Ripples and Revolutions at Waves of Change 2021. Interviewed live from the US by broadcaster and tech journalist Georgie Barrat, Simmons excited delegates with what the next wave might look like, why walled gardens are important and how overlapping sectors and standards will drive innovation and adoption.


ON DEMAND: The User Experience

Balancing personalisation with serendipity, and functionality with simplicity – just two of the challenges facing device manufacturers and platform architects in today’s rapidly-changing market. The dedicated Ussr Experience session at this year’s DTG Summit _ waves of Change – brought together an expert panel to discuss the key drivers and challenges in delighting the audience, including experience fragmentation, accessibility surprises, cybersecurity and why we can’t make watching TV hard work.



Alex Buchan, Strategic Technologist for Spectrum & Security, DTG

Sarah Milton, Chief Operating Officer, Digital UK

Steve Russell, Chief Product Officer, Red Bee Media

Jon Ducker, Head of Product Performance, Virgin Media O2

Nicola Lewis, Global Chief Growth Officer, Finecast

ON DEMAND: Next-Gen Media

What are the technologies and innovations that are going to deliver enhanced viewing experiences to consumers? How do we ensure a personalised experience on all devices at all times for all users? If the next wave of change will be powered by AI, how do we ensure it is a democratising force and not one that will create echo chambers and vacuums? And what can we learn from adjacent sectors like gaming when it comes to creating and curating immersive viewing experiences? Watch our expert Next-Gen Media panel discuss all of this and more in this recorded session from Waves of Change 2021.



Simon Gauntlett, Director, Imaging Standards and Technology, Dolby Laboratories

Dr Lauren Ward, Research Fellow in Media Accessibility, University of York AudioLab

Andy Lucas, SVP, Global Distribution Technology, Universal Pictures 

Dr Mickaël Raulet, Chief Technology Officer, Ateme

Paul Higgs, VP Video Industry Development, Huawei

ON DEMAND: Riding the Waves - Natural History Production

Our feature session Waves of Change explored how natural history programme-makers have harnessed the potential of technological innovation to capture iconic images of wild animals in their natural habitats and engage audiences with superlative visual storytelling.

From the liberating power of 5G, drones, and battery innovation to ever-more sophisticated AI algorithms to identify species and only film what and when the programme maker needs, transformative tech is helping capture the natural world – often from the most extreme locations on Earth – and bringing them into our living rooms. Watch our Showcase Speaker and Innovation Panel on demand now.


Showcase speaker:

Colin Jackson, Senior Innovation Producer, BBC Natural History Unit

Innovation panel:

Robert Dawes, Senior Research Engineer, BBC Research & Development

Patricia Doherty, Producer Director, Candour Productions and Live + Wild, Project Director 

Georgie Barrat, Technology Journalist & Broadcaster

ON DEMAND: New Distribution

Consumer demand for content ‘anytime, anywhere’ has driven innovation in new delivery solutions and technologies but has also highlighted distribution challenges that need to be addressed. From addressing latency issues and maintaining interoperability to enhancing live experiences and the battle for bandwidth, our New Distribution panel at Waves of Change 2021 grappled with the issues at play. Are we looking at an all-IP future? What does that mean for current business models? And the biggest question of all… is the industry ready for disruption?



Mohamed Aziz Taga, Product Manager / Head of Business Development 5G Media Services & Transmitter Systems, Rohde & Schwarz 

Caroline Gabriel, Research Director, Analysys Mason 

Matthew Stock, VP, Technology, Limelight Networks 

Polly Hickling, Course Leader, Media Technology Programme, Solent University