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Imaginary Pictures

Imaginary Pictures is a nimble technical facilitator. Working at the edge of what is possible and transforming R&D projects into reliable, repeatable services. It has helped large broadcasters, small service companies and individual productions, create innovative technical solutions to enable their ideas.


Tell us a little bit about Imaginary Pictures

Imaginary Pictures is a pioneer in the application of the fast-evolving technology that is transforming broadcasting. We turn R&D projects - think Immersive, games engines, VR, AR, AI, Private Networks (5G) - into reality, developing practical and commercially-viable services that take full advantage of these new technologies. We have a diverse range of clients such as broadcasters, mobile phone companies and a number of film & TV production companies.


What’s the most exciting project coming up for Imaginary Pictures?

We are currently engaged in three exciting projects. These include the development of a private 5G network solution tailored for venues, the creation of a location-based immersive experience helping our clients monetise their intellectual property in a brand-new way. Plus, some really interesting work for the Apple Vision Pro.


What are you most looking forward to at the DTG Summit 2024

Learning what really matters to the decision makers in the industry and discovering what are the biggest challenges for broadcasters, especially any that we might be able to overcome.


What does The Bigger Picture look like for Imaginary Pictures and why is it important?

The bigger picture for Imaginary Pictures is one of continued innovation, collaboration, and adaptability within the rapidly evolving media and technology landscape.


What will be the biggest gamechanger in the next five years and why?

The consolidation within the entertainment sector will continue over the next few years and this will bring its own challenges and opportunities. Imaginary Pictures is well placed to offer innovative solutions that would traditionally have been handled by in-house R&D teams.


What is the one big issue the sector needs to address together?

The sector faces new trends, technologies and challenges. The industry must collaborate to monetise these opportunities effectively. Imaginary Pictures has collaborated with the DTG and its members on several exciting projects in recent years.


Tell us something people might not know about Imaginary Pictures

Prior to Imaginary Pictures, our founders have been involved in numerous shoots all over the globe; one was a 3D project about penguins, which included spending six months living on small boats near Antarctica and the other was making a South Bank Show on revolutionaries writing poetry. This entailed interviewing the Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega during the Contra uprising in Nicaragua.

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