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Welcome to the 2023 DTG Summit programme!

From immersive experiences to IP delivery, FAST explosions to funding models we’ll give you the real-world examples and the reality checks as we consider the Bigger Picture.

*Draft agenda subject to change
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  • The pandemic gave organisations a huge boost to their digital journey and kickstarted a number of trends – but which business models and partnerships will win out and how do you craft and accelerate a winning strategy which positively impacts the bottom line? We’ll unpack the current landscape and examine how to future-proof your business for the next era of television.

  • The UK’s broadcasting system needs to be dynamic and relevant if it is to meet the needs of audiences in the future.  Yet, as broadcasting and streaming increasingly converge, does the UK’s broadcasting legislation need overhauling for the digital age?

    • What are the next steps for Public Service Media in the UK?
    • What is the government’s vision for the broadcasting sector?
    • How do we enable UK content to thrive in a global market?
    • What is the impact of the Media Bill?
  • We’ll hear thoughts on the current state of the television and streaming ecosystem at large

    • How will streaming continue to evolve as the predominant method of viewing?  
    • How will the different services distinguish themselves and attract loyal subscribers? 
    • What innovations, business models and features will fuel growth in the marketplace?
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  • With programming spanning all genres and with a mix of acquired content and original productions, Amazon Freevee launched to UK audiences in August 2021.

    We speak to Lisa Rousseau, Head of Amazon Freevee UK and Shahina O’Mahoney, Head of Licensed Content for Amazon Freevee UK about the reaction has been since the service launched and how they are engaging with audiences to capitalise on the soaring demand for advertiser-funded streaming.

    We’ll also put the spotlight on how saving Aussie soap Neighbours fits into streamer’s content and marketing strategy, the process to save the long-running series and what we can expect from the new Neighbours coming this fall.

  • With the goal of turning challenges into opportunities, businesses are experimenting with products, pricing, and value propositions in an attempt to reduce risk and unlock growth. In this session, we discuss what success looks like and how you measure that.  Our leading panel will share what their role entails and how they are developing products and continuously improving the proposition to keep viewers engaged.

  • Free ad-supported television (FAST) is currently one of the most rapidly-growing spaces in the TV and streaming industry and increasingly businesses are realising the potential of FAST as a lucrative revenue stream. 

    So, do FAST Channels have staying power and are they profitable?  

    We take a deep dive into the FAST space and hear from the players who have incorporated a FAST strategy into their existing business model. We discuss what the triumphs and challenges have been thus far, what’s resonating with viewers and what does it really take to succeed in this market ? 

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  • The resurgence of ad-supported models as part of premium OTT video has made video advertising a key talking point across the entire industry. This panel explores the latest in ad innovation including new solutions and formats for the streaming era, as well as how to expand the ad-supported TV universe.

  • How can we get ahead of consumer needs, particularly future generations, so that we are able to inform, entertain and service the next generation?

    This talk gives a unique perspective on how companies can remain competitive in the 21st century and delivers provocative insights into evolving consumer behaviours.

  • Is the metaverse buzz dwindling, whilst AI soars? How personalised could TV get – and where should we draw the line?  Could we soon be in a future where viewers are shown content that features digital versions of themselves, or avatars that are most likely to generate a specific positive response? Will the rise of Chat GPT impact the viewing experience and could content creation at the point of use be on the horizon?

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  • Audiences are looking to be part of a fan experience and brands can benefit from strategies to maximise the lifetime value of content.

  • As the distribution of media changes, where will we watch it next?  Immersive car experiences are coming. We’ll find out just how close we are to reality 

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