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The DTG Summit is the place to keep your finger on the pulse.  This year, five key themes will take centre stage to ensure you have the knowledge and insight to take you and your organisation into the next era of television. Register above now... and make sure you sign up to the Friday Bulletin to be in the loop for our first speaker drop!

AI imagined futures: Are you ready to push the boundaries?

AI is no longer the next big thing – it is the now big thing and, in a short space of time, has become a transformative force revolutionising creative industries.

The applied technology is not only about enhancing productivity, it’s rewriting the game and setting a stage for new interactive and personalised content experiences which offer more choice, flexibility and conversational response for viewers.

Our speakers will unlock AI and explore the keys to pushing creative boundaries. In this segment, we take a deep dive into the benefits of AI for media, work out where the opportunities lie, and showcase cutting edge use cases from some of the biggest brands in TV.

Be prepared to explore the limitless possibilities and the concrete applications of a technology that not only are we still shaping, but that will continue to shape us.

Stay tuned: What does TV really mean?

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, the definition of "TV" is undergoing a profound transformation. While linear broadcasting remains a cornerstone of the UK TV experience, the convergence of streaming, social, gaming and viewing has reshaped the narrative. Join us to explore the pressing questions:

  • Is it time to redefine ‘TV’ or are definitions redundant in a consumer-centric world?
  • What do re-imagined "live TV" moments look like and how do you drive them across te viewing multiverse?
  • How can the convergence of social media and broadcast elevate audience engagement?

Join us for a deep dive into consumer experiences, consumption trends, and the future of television as our expert speakers share their insights and predictions.

The Future of UK Distribution

The digital revolution has transformed TV consumption we examine the tectonic shifts taking place in the worlds of distribution and content.

Together, we’ll explore the nexus between innovation and regulation, analyse the initial findings of Ofcom’s examination of the ‘Future of TV Distribution’ and discuss the government’s vision for the UK media sector.

We'll take a deep dive into the evolving power dynamics amongst broadcasters, platforms, and content creators and ask the questions: “In the battle of distribution platforms, what’s next?"

Content discovery in an “all you can eat” TV world

In today's TV landscape, choice abounds, offering a seemingly inexhaustible array of content. But as the quantity of content increases, so do the challenges associated with navigation and discovery.

Our speakers will explore the leading approaches and tech advances that are enhancing seamless navigation, leveraging metadata, and embracing voice-controlled search to enhance consumer accessibility and experience.

Going beyond the home screen, we ask how we revolutionise the customer experience to help consumers choose, not just give them choice?

Join us, as we leap forward into the next phase of content discoverability.

Advertising: You can find me, but do you “get me”?

Getting to the consumer is no longer enough… you need to get to know them. The power of connected TV is in understanding audience behaviour and targeting identities, not just demographics.

That always starts with compelling storytelling – the cornerstone of our sector. We’ll discuss the importance of seamless strategies where content captures audience imagination and advertising enhances the viewer experience, not interrupts it.

From using AI to understand your audiences, to leveraging data to supercharge hyper-localised, hyper-personalised and interactive experiences, we’ll consider how we go beyond just reach and make meaningful connections.

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