Adipat Virdi

Global Immersive Strategist

Over the last two decades, Adipat has positioned himself as a leading thinker in leveraging emerging tech to deliver innovation-led frameworks (in all realities) for both social and commercial impact. Working with global brands (Meta, Charlotte Tilbury, BBC, Virgin Atlantic, BBVA and Real Madrid, most recently), Adipat's core focus has been on building strategic frameworks to pivot organisational DNA to be immersive-ready. This work has included developments around: immersive audience engagement ecosystems; streamlined, future-facing business processes; metaverse architecture; V/S-Comm (virtual / Spatial commerce) blueprints; blockchain mechanics and participation-led storyworlds and IP.

Project highlights include: designing and delivering an agile workshop / rapid prototyping framework for the BBC ‘Future of Content’ strategy across 50 BBC teams; delivering bespoke experience blueprints for various clients in the retail, automotive, healthcare and entertainment sectors; building effective, immersive storyworlds for numerous IP;  curating the Centifolia conference and subsequent strategic report for the global perfumery industry to explore more ethical ways to design, produce and deliver fragrances through impactful storytelling; designing, delivering and leading the agile workshop and rapid prototyping session at ES2030 (2023 Edition) as well as overseeing the structural framework for the resultant report on the future of the metaverse; overseeing the development of the Charlotte Tilbury virtual store and setting up Harbour Immersive.

Alongside his consultancy work, Adipat is launching an immersive production company that will focus on four elements: spatial and participatory storytelling, emergent tech consultancy and enterprise training and education. With a passion for EDI, the fourth element is focussed on using empathy as software for advocacy. Two of the current immersive storyworlds in production around this are: 'Killing Honour' - a project centred around how we can eradicate forced marriages and honour crimes through participatory storytelling and 'I Am, Other' - an immersive theatre production focussed on bi-racial family dynamics.


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