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Richard Lindsay-Davies

With 30 years of TV industry experience, Richard drives the DTG’s unique collaborative culture placing it firmly at the centre of UK television.

A design engineer by profession, Richard spent 15 years in senior design and later, senior marketing and strategy roles at Sony, Toshiba and Pace.

Richard has a track record of supporting UK world-firsts in flat-panel, widescreen, digital and interactive TV. He launched the world’s first free-to-view digital devices into the UK market at Pace in 2002, joined the DTG in 2004 to lead public affairs in preparation for digital switchover, and later picked up the mantle of Commercial Development Director for Freesat’s launch in HD in 2006. He returned to the DTG as CEO in 2008, where he continues to drive innovation in next generation media, distribution and end-user experience.

Passionate about the alchemy of people, products and technology, and always looking out for the next big thing in television, Richard was named one of the top 50 most influential people in 2021 and honoured as a SMPTE  Fellow.

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